Spinal Simplicity Announces New Senior Principal Scientist

Overland Park, KS – May 13, 2022 – Spinal Simplicity, a medical device company, announced today that Tom Hedman, PhD has joined the company as Senior Principal Scientist. Dr. Hedman is the founder and Chief Science Officer of Spinal Simplicity’s newly acquired Intralink-Spine. Dr. Hedman has been involved in orthopedic research and development since 1983. He has focused on soft-tissue biomechanics since 1985.

Tom Hedman“I am tremendously excited to be joining the ambitious team at Spinal Simplicity to bring our game-changing nano-tethering tissue stabilization products to market. The clinical results to date on our injectable spinal disc stabilization product continue to be very compelling, and we now have an experienced team behind our efforts to provide an injectable solution for the many people worldwide suffering from discogenic back pain,” says Tom Hedman, Senior Principal Scientist at Spinal Simplicity.

Dr. Hedman is a recognized pioneer in the spine field with over 35 years of experience. His experience is in both the academic and entrepreneurial realms. He shared over 100 presentations at national and international conferences and has over 65 peer-reviewed published articles. He has been a reviewer for U.S. NIH grants and various technical journals. Dr. Hedman currently has more than 40 issued patents. He began with the first of its kind “2nd generation” disc replacement device (total disc prosthesis) issued in 1988.

Dr. Hedman, in coordination with the experienced team of engineers at Spinal Simplicity, will initially focus on ongoing clinical studies and domestic regulatory clearances. Additionally, he will be leading the effort in developing other uses for this exciting technology. Dr. Hedman’s strong research background will also be leveraged to produce high quality evidence. This will support all Spinal Simplicity product offerings.

Spinal Simplicity’s focus is on the design, development, and production of orthopedic technologies. This will hopefully change the way physicians treat their patients, improve outcomes, and have reproducible results. With a focus on quality, our products are designed to enhance patient care while providing physicians with a greater array of treatment options. Our innovative technology and sophisticated intellectual property portfolio are forging new territory in the spinal and orthopedic markets.

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