The Role of Education in Spine Health

Empowering Providers Through Education & Training

Transforming Spinal Care with Simplicity

Spinal Simplicity’s Education Department is dedicated to putting the patient first in all of our teachings and events. We prioritize patient care and safety above all else, ensuring that our educational programs emphasize the importance of delivering high-quality care with compassion and empathy.

Our education team collaborates closely with a diverse range of faculty members, including orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, interventional pain specialists, interventional radiologists, and more. These esteemed professionals bring a wealth of expertise and experience to our programs, enriching the learning experiences of our participants.

Innovative Treatment Solutions

At Spinal Simplicity, we offer regional, local, and national labs designed to provide hands-on training and instruction. Our full staff consists of former radiology technicians, scrub technicians with a deep passion for surgical technique, patient selection, and being in the operating room alongside our physician customers.

We take pride in being physician agnostic, meaning we do not favor any particular medical specialty when it comes to educating our customers. Instead, we strive to provide comprehensive education and support to all healthcare professionals involved in spinal care, regardless of their specialty or background.

Through our commitment to patient-centered education and collaboration with leading faculty members, Spinal Simplicity’s Education Department remains dedicated to advancing the field of spinal care and ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.

Educational Video Gallery

Spine Biomechanics with Dr. Tom Hedman
CDI: Simple Instabilities of the Spine
Minuteman® Procedure Overview with Dr. Ryan Budwany