The HeroSI (Liberty + Patriot) hybrid SI system involves implanting both the Patriot SI and Liberty SI products as a hybrid construct. The Patriot SI Posterior Implant System is a minimally invasive SI joint fusion implant intended for implantation on a trajectory in-line with the joint space. The additively manufactured titanium implant is available in one size, fixating on both the sacrum and ilium via external threads. The procedure also involves the lateral insertion of a small titanium Liberty-SI implant transfixing the SI joint to stabilize and fuse the joint.

This hybrid surgical technique includes decortication of the bone on all planes to prepare the SI joint for fusion. Hybrid construct could be a good solution for a hypermobile SI joint. The hybrid construct applies well known orthopedic AO principles of full decortication, compression and fixation, to provide an optimal environment for SI joint fusion.

  • Only intra-articular cannulated system on the market, giving greater certainty of placement within the SI joint
  • 3D printed with porous lattice structure to optimize bone growth through the implant and across the SI joint
  • Self-drilling, triple-lead design allows for elegant implantation
  • Impactless insertion minimizes potential for sacral or iliac bone damage during placement
  • In-line, posterior approach over a guidewire allows for trajectory control and easy implantation
  • Size: 10mm major diameter, 8mm minor diameter sized similar to allograft implants
  • 29.2mm in length compares to other allograft and titanium devices
  • The as-printed implant surface is rougher than machined implants. The surface roughness combined with a hydroxyapatite coating leads to more area for bony attachment, potentially facilitating fusion

Posterior View of the Hybrid Construct

Outlet View of the Hybrid Construct

Hybrid Final

Indication For Use: The Patriot SI Posterior Implant System is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion for conditions including sacroiliac joint disruptions and degenerative sacroiliitis. When the Patriot SI Posterior Implant System (i.e., an “in-line” or “intra-articular” device) is implanted, it must be used with a Spinal Simplicity Liberty SI Lateral System device (i.e., a “transfixing” device) implanted across the same sacroiliac joint to create a hybrid SI joint fusion construct.