The Patriot SI is a posterior Implant System to be placed in-line with the SI joint.  It’s indicated to be used in conjunction with the Liberty SI Lateral System.

The Patriot SI Posterior Implant System is a small device used to stabilize and fuse the SI joint, which is located in your lower back. It’s made of a special type of titanium and comes in one size. During the procedure, the implant is placed between two bones in your pelvis, called the sacrum and ilium, using special threads on the outside of the implant.

This special surgical technique involves preparing the SI joint for fusion by roughening the bone surface. The surface of the implant is rough, which helps your bone attach to it better and makes fusion more likely and follows important orthopedic principles (AO) to help the joint fuse properly.

It’s the only system that can be guided precisely into place within the SI joint using a guide wire through the implant. It’s made with a special design and material to help your bone grow through it and fuse the joint. It’s placed from the back in a controlled way using a guide wire. 

In tests, using this technique resulted in better stability than other methods. Another small implant, called Liberty SI, helps keep the joint stable and helps the main implant work better.

Indication For Use: The Patriot SI Posterior Implant System is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion for conditions including sacroiliac joint disruptions and degenerative sacroiliitis. When the Patriot SI Posterior Implant System (i.e., an “in-line” or “intra-articular” device) is implanted, it must be used with a Spinal Simplicity Liberty SI Lateral System device (i.e., a “transfixing” device) implanted across the same sacroiliac joint to create a hybrid SI joint fusion construct.