MRI Safety

A patient with the Spinal Simplicity Minuteman G5 MIS Fusion Plate may be safely scanned under the following conditions. Failure to follow these conditions may result in injury to the patient.

  • Nominal value(s) of Static Magnetic Field [T]: 1.5 T or 3 T
  • Maximum Spatial Field Gradient [T/m and gauss/cm]: 30 T/m (3,000 gauss/cm)
  • RF Excitation: Circularly Polarized (CP)
  • RF Transmit Coil Type: Whole body transmit coil, Head RF transmit-receive coil
  • RF Receive Coil Type: Any receive coil
  • Maximum Whole Body SAR [W/Kg]: 2.0 W/Kg (Normal operating mode)
  • Limits on Scan Duration: 2.0 W/Kg whole body average SAR for 15 minutes of continuous RF (a sequence or back to back series/scan without breaks)
  • MR Image Artifact: The presence of this implant may produce an image artifact of 47 mm.

Note: If information about a specific parameter is not included, there are no conditions associated with that parameter.